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Dental Implants

Losing a tooth can make chewing painful and speaking clearly difficult. It can also have a serious impact on your oral and overall health.

Dr. Philip Latteier can replace missing teeth with the help of dental implants at Midnight Sun Dental in Anchorage, AK.

Learn how our Dr. Latteier can restore the form, function, and health of your smile with the help of dental implants...

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Transforming your smile with dental implants is a significant choice, and you may be wondering whether this treatment is the right tooth restoration option for you. We're here to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of the process, from your candidacy to payment plans. During your personal consultation, we'll discuss how we can approach your unique needs and ensure you achieve the very best results from your treatment.

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Wonderful office. Had a cleaning, dr came in after and was very pleased with the service and attention from both the hygiene and doc. Xrays were quick and painless. Really cool machine that sings to you while you get your pictures taken. Over all good setting.

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Always fabulous!!!

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All Types of Tooth Loss
Can Be Corrected with Dental Implants

Regardless of how many teeth you're missing, our dentist in Anchorage, AK, can give you a fully functional, natural-looking smile with dental implants. We provide implant-based solutions for:
Single Missing Tooth

A Single Missing Tooth

Even a small gap in your smile can have a noticeable impact on your appearance and ability to chew comfortably. After placing an implant to replace your natural tooth roots, our dentist will use our in-house technology to create your implant-supported crown quickly and with the highest degree of precision.

Multiple Missing Teeth

Multiple Missing Teeth

If you have two or more consecutive missing teeth, an implant-supported bridge or denture can give you a stable bite and renewed confidence in your smile. If you have damaged or weakened teeth in the treatment area, we can perform virtually painless extractions to prepare you for treatment with implants. We may be able to perform extractions and place your implants in a single appointment.

Full Arches of Missing Teeth

Full Arch of Missing Teeth

If you're missing most or all of your teeth in one or both dental arches, you don't have to settle for removable dentures. Using six to eight strategically placed titanium or zirconia implants, Dr. Latteier can create an incredibly stable foundation for an implant-supported denture. Unlike traditional dentures, implant dentures never slip out of place, and they can stop the bone atrophy that occurs after tooth loss.

"I Can't Recommend Them Enough!"

"Dr. Latteier exceeded my expectations in every way. I am extremely happy with his top notch service and team." Davis Wright

Why Patients Prefer Us For Implant Dentistry and More

Efficient Service

We want to be the one-stop dental shop for you and your entire family. We practice restorative, cosmetic, and family dentistry, and we may be able to perform multiple procedures in one appointment to save you time. If you're an implant patient, our dentist can likely extract a tooth and place a titanium or zirconia implant post in the same day. He may also be able to place a temporary restoration immediately after implant placement.

Flexible Hours

Great dental care should fit your schedule, not the other way around. We keep our hours flexible to accommodate your busy schedule, and offer emergency dentistry services. Our team will do everything possible to get you in for treatment on the same day you reach out to us.


Dr. Latteier comes from a military family and served in the US Army Dental Corps. He and the Midnight Sun Dental team are proud to offer top-quality, affordable dental care to veterans, active-duty personnel, and their families.

Convenient Locations

We have two offices, one just off of Glenn Highway in Eagle River, AK, and one in Anchorage at Providence Alaska Medical Center, the largest hospital in the state. Whether you're an Anchorage resident or a member of a neighboring community, we're easily accessible and ready to meet your dental needs.

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Great practice and great services!

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Dr. Latteier is excellent. He did a root canal on my front tooth. I was extremely impressed with his Skill and patience. 

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3-D Computed Tomography (CT) imaging

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our advanced dental practice includes the latest technology including 3-D Computed Tomography (CT) imaging. This incredible tool provides Dr. Latteier with three-dimensional images so that he can review the state of your dental health. The detailed digital images can show a number of important details that can affect the outcome of your treatment including the position of your surrounding teeth and the density of your jawbone.

Accurate implant placement is crucial to the success of dental implant surgery. Dr. Latteier can use our 3-D CT scanner to precisely plan your surgery. This allows him to place each titanium or zirconia implant post in its optimal position. With properly placed implants, you can enjoy a faster recovery and better long-term results.

See How Dental Implants Are Placed...

Can I Afford Dental Implants?

If you are considering tooth replacement, you may be wondering if implants are worth the added expense. While traditional restorations are more affordable, they do not provide the aesthetics, functionality, and health advantages of a crown, bridge, or denture supported by a dental implant. Though the upfront costs associated with implants are higher, the long-term benefits cannot be matched.

To help with the cost of treatment, Midnight Sun Dental accepts most dental insurance plans. Implants are not covered by basic dental insurance, but preparatory procedures and final restorations may qualify for coverage. Our friendly office staff will gladly file all necessary paperwork with your provider to ensure you take full advantage of your benefits.

For patients without insurance, or for those with insurance who are interested in making out-of-pocket expenses more manageable, we also offer flexible financing options. Since every case is unique, our team can answer any questions you may have about the cost of your individualized treatment plan. We will be glad to work with you so that you can afford the treatment you need to restore your smile.

We Can Rejuvenate Your Smile

Titanium and zirconia implants can last 40 years or longer, but the crowns, bridges, and dentures they support need replacement much sooner. If you have implant-supported restorations that have become worn or discolored over the years, visit us in Eagle River or Anchorage to rejuvenate your smile.

Dr. Latteier can take a 3-D scan of your bite and use it to determine the ideal shape and size for your new replacement teeth. Our computer-guided milling system can quickly and accurately create same-day crowns, and because we have an on-site lab, other restorations can be crafted and provided directly to you with great efficiency. 

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"What a Great Experience!" Patients Explain Why They Recommend Our Practice

"I received top quality care. From the moment I arrived to when I left the feeling was all about my comfort. My teeth feel & look great! I would recommend this office to everyone!" Bianca Legorreta

Dental Implant Treatment Timeline

While your treatment timelines may differ depending on the number of missing teeth and any preparatory treatments, replacing a tooth with a traditional dental implant and permanent restoration at our Anchorage dental practice takes several months (we may be able to place a temporary restoration onto your implant right away).  The process involves:

Exam and Consultation

During your initial examination, Dr. Latteier will review your medical history and verify your candidacy for dental implants. He can answer any questions you have so that you can make an educated decision about your treatment.

Initial Surgery

After administering local anesthesia, Dr. Latteier will make incisions in your gums in order to surgically place your implants.

Healing Period

In the next four to six months, your gums will heal and your jawbone will fuse with the implant during a process known as osseointegration. In many cases, we can provide a temporary restoration during this time.

Abutment Placement

An abutment is a small connector that attaches your implant to your artificial tooth. Once your implant is fully integrated with your jaw, Dr. Latteier will perform a second surgery to place an abutment on your implant.

Healing Period

It takes four to six weeks for your gums to heal around the abutment.

Final Restoration

Once the gums have fully healed, Dr. Latteier will attach your final restoration to your implant abutment. Now you can begin enjoying your newly restored smile immediately.

You Don't Have to Live With Tooth Loss Request your dental implant consultation today.

Tooth loss affects millions of Americans. If you are one of them, you owe it to yourself to explore the amazing benefits dental implants provide, from jawbone preservation to maximum stability and natural-looking results. You no longer have to live with reduced oral function due to tooth loss. Restore your oral function so you can eat, speak, and smile with confidence once again. Call our Anchorage, AK, dental practice or use our online form to request your dental implant consultation today. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

implant crown

Does implant placement hurt?

No. Your mouth will be numbed using a local anesthetic to ensure you do not feel any pain during your dental implant placement. If you feel any discomfort during the procedure, it is important that you communicate with your dentist so that he can make necessary adjustments to keep you comfortable during treatment. 


How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are made of durable, long-lasting titanium. With proper care and maintenance, your dental implants can last a lifetime. However, it is important to keep in mind that restorations like crowns, dentures, and bridges will wear over time and will eventually need to be replaced. On average, these restorations last 10 to 15 years with proper care.


I have suffered some jawbone recession. Can I still receive dental implants?

It depends on the level of bone loss you have experienced, because dental implants require ample bone tissue for a foundation. During your initial consultation at our Anchorage dental practice, your dentist will examine your jawbone to determine if you have enough bone tissue. In some cases, patients may need preparatory bone grafting before they qualify for implant placement, and we can refer you to a trusted oral surgeon for that treatment. 

Have more questions? We are happy to answer any questions you may have about dental implants. Simply send us a message.

We Also Offer Mini Dental Implants

Mini implants make treatment possible for some patients who have experienced jawbone deterioration but cannot undergo a bone graft due to age, medical conditions, or other factors. At about half the diameter of traditional implants, mini implants require much less jaw tissue for placement and can support the same lifelike restorations with excellent stability. It typically takes less time to recover from mini implant placement surgery, so you may be able to enjoy your final results quicker. During a consultation in Anchorage, we can determine if this solution is right for you.

"They were ultimate professionals..."

"Like most not a fan of dental work, But Midnight sun was exceptional.  They were ultimate professionals, quality service, and very comfortable.  Dr. Latteier, and the whole team were great.  I highly recommend Midnight sun for any dental services.  If your like me, u want to be comfortable no worries!"
Nate Grampy Morton
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Dr. Philip J. Latteier and the team of compassionate professionals at Midnight Sun Dental provide gentle dental care so that families in Anchorage and Eagle River can enjoy healthy and beautiful smiles. So that you can experience the benefits of optimal oral health, our services include:

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